The Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022

Lyng Parish

28 Feb 2022

Avoid a Jubilee jam - check the dates

Easter, bank holidays and the Platinum  Jubilee between now and June mean  plenty of waste changes, including five  Saturdays of collections. Do check if an  unexpected recycle or rubbish truck  might disrupt your Platinum plans.  

First up are the Good Friday 15 April  collections that move to Saturday 16  April. With no collections on bank  holiday Monday 8 April, Easter week  pick-ups are a day later, including Friday  collections on Saturday 23 April.  

Bank holiday Monday May 2 means the  week's collections are a day later, with  Friday pick-ups on Saturday 7 May.  

For the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, waste  changes are more complex. The extra  bank holiday on Thursday 2 June means  that day's collections are on Saturday 4  June, and Friday 3 June's pick-ups move  to Monday 6 June, so waste collections  all that week are a day later, including  Friday's on Saturday 11 June.

Waste collection changes:

  • Usual day (June) > Revided day

  • Thursday 2nd > Saturday 4th

  • Friday 3rd > Monday 6th

  • Monday 6th > Tuesday 7th

  • Tuesday 7th > Wednesday 8th

  • Wednesday 8th > Thursday 9th

  • Thursday 9th > Friday 10th

  • Friday 10th > Saturday 11th 

Our new van needs a great name


Somerset will soon have a community  repair coordinator touring the county in  a customised van to promote the  sustainable consumption of electricalelectronic items and offer practical help  with the network of local reuse groups.  

The van needs a name - and we want  you to help choose it from great ideas  suggested by Somerset residents.

Visiting events, schools and more with  useful tools and an electrical testing  service, the van will encourage people to  get any item with a plug or batteries -  radio to toaster, tablet to kettle - fixed  and reused rather than discarded.  

As well as promoting repair and reuse of  electrical and electronic items, the van  may take a wider role later if the project  continues. So the right name needs to  work for general repair and reuse as well  as anything electronic or electrical.

The names up for your vote now are:  

  • Fixy/Fixy McFixface  

  • Norma

  • Phoenix  

  • Revival  

  • Sparky

Vote until 12noon Monday 7 March here: ote-SWP2022

Take action on food waste  

Like a simple way to save money and  lighten your carbon load? Cut food  waste. To help us all, Food Waste Action  Week is coming up on 7-13 March.

Top Food Waste Action Week tips: 

  • Make shopping lists and plan portions  

  • Turn your fridge down to 5°C or lower  

  • Keep an eye on food use-by dates  

  • Eat it all, from the roots to the shoots  

  • Use up all those tasty leftovers  

  • Keep stored food in eat-next order  

  • Freeze now what you will not eat

Food Waste Action Week will be  reminding us that easy steps can help  everyone eat better while saving not just  food and money but all that goes into it: soil, water, energy and more. Watch out  for news about food waste action soon.

Recycle More reaches finishing line  

Recycle More will finish its successful  roll-out by starting the new expanded  recycling services across Sedgemoor  and West Somerset, collecting extra  materials each week from 28 February.  All West Somerset and Sedgemoor  residents should hold onto their  individual one-year calendars sent in the  post, especially as thousands of homes  will have an extra Saturday rubbish pick-up on 26 February or 5 March. Details:

Somerset Waste Board  

SWP’s governing body has two  members from each partner council:  Mendip Cllrs Peter Goater, Tom Ronan;  Sedgemoor Cllrs Andrew Gilling, Janet  Keen; Somerset County Cllrs David Hall,  Clare Paul (Vice Chair); Somerset West and Taunton Cllrs David Mansell,  Andrew Sully; South Somerset Cllrs  Sarah Dyke (Chair), Tim Kerley. SWB  agendas: somersetwaste.

Information on SWP services 

SWP manages waste services for all  Somerset councils. On social media,  follow @Somersetwaste. Advice and  ezine sign-up: